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    Default [solved] Code example request : ZmBatchCommand


    I would be grateful to anyone who posts an example usage of a very simple code (a hello world code) showing how to use the ZmBatchCommand javascript function in a zimlet to send SOAP requests to zimbra.

    EDIT :

    sorry for bothering again, I'v found one in Zimbra's own source code. Here's how it works (for people like me who were looking for an example)

    ZmContactListController.prototype._doMove = function(items, folder, attrs, isShiftKey) {
        if (moveFromGal.length) {
    	var batchCmd = new ZmBatchCommand(true, null, true);
    	for (var j = 0; j < moveFromGal.length; j++) {
    	    var contact = moveFromGal[j];
    	    contact.attr[ZmContact.F_folderId] =;
    	    batchCmd.add(new AjxCallback(contact, contact.create, [contact.attr]));
    	} AjxCallback(this, this._handleMoveFromGal));
    ZmContact.prototype.create = function(attr, batchCmd) {
        var jsonObj = {CreateContactRequest:{_jsns:"urn:zimbraMail"}};
        var respCallback = new AjxCallback(this, this._handleResponseCreate, [attr, batchCmd != null]);
        if (batchCmd) {
    	batchCmd.addRequestParams(jsonObj, respCallback);
        } else {
    	appCtxt.getAppController().sendRequest({jsonObj:jsonObj, asyncMode:true, callback:respCallback});

    So basically :

    1/ Create a ZmBatchCommand
    1.1/ add your functions/methods via batch.add(callback). You have to wrap them in an AjxCallback first, before adding them.
    2/ In the individual functions/methods, add a new batch argument. Your functions will be called by the ZmBatchCommand and given that as last argument
    3/ In the individual functions/methods, if you're in batch mode (confirmed by a non-null batch parameter), add your json or xml request along with the response callback as shown above with batchCmd.addRequestParams.
    4/ When you're ready, run the batchrequest and optionnaly specify a response handler.
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