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Thread: Many changes for Zimbra 7.2.0 (automatic updating, SPNEGO admin/user & etc)

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    Default Many changes for Zimbra 7.2.0 (automatic updating, SPNEGO admin/user & etc)


    I did for our distribution. ROSA Linux. ROSA It's for Zimbra 7.2.0.

    The attachments:

    - helix-720.patch.tar.bz2

    - It compresses some binary files.

    - scripts.tar.bz2. It merges zimbra*.spec files to zimbra.spec

    - zimbra.spec.

    Major changes.

    1) Replacement. Heimdal kerberos -> MIT Kerberos. ThirdParty.

    2) An external OpenLDAP. Automatic updating. Dynamic and static configuration. New scripts. A wrapper for LDAP requets. Relocating root DN.

    3) rpm packages. Automatic updating. It can restart only needed components. I changed zmcontrol.

    4) Working SPNEGO. Linux. I changed admin.jdp and login.jsp and other files.

    5) Setup changes for Kerberos. I changed and other files.

    6) .../ThirdPartyBuilds/build/opt/zimbra/... I changed the building system. Not only root. Any user can build it.

    7) Web UI. Address book. I added a button. It shows all users in the global address list. It's very comforting to see them all without searching.

    8) Clean operation. It can malformed during configuring. You can reset it.

    9) I removed versions for automatic updating. /opt/zimbra/mysql/ , /opti/zimbra/jetty and etc.
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