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Thread: Command line compose an e-mail with attachment and save in drafts

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    Default Command line compose an e-mail with attachment and save in drafts


    i am building an application (in c++) which is supposed to take params (Subject,From,To,Content,Attachment path) from 3rd party app, compose an email and then save it to Drafts under particular account. I dont know what tools should i use for it exactly. I can connect to zimbra through ssh socket and execute commands. I can upload a file to server using sftp. I have found some usefull commands like addmessage or /postfix/sendmail. But i dont know how compose a new message and connect an attachment to it in command line.

    Should i approach to this app in other way?

    Thank for any advice.

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    Your best bet is probably to create a MIME message - I'm sure C++ will have tools to do that - and then to use the File Upload Servlet to upload it to zimbra. You can then use a SaveDraftRequest SOAP request to save the uploaded message to the account.

    The zimbrabackend for z-push operates in a similar manner for sending emails. It uploads and then Sends - You just need to upload and save.

    If you can read php code - download a copy of the backend (Z-Push Zimbra Backend | Free software downloads at and read through it. Look for the Login an SendMail functions in particular.

    Login retrieves the preauth token, then SendMail does the Upload, followed by the SOAP command to send.

    You can find details of the upload servlet and soap messages in the /opt/zimbra/docs folder on your server.

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