Hi, all..
I am newbee to Zimbra and just finished the installation of zimbra open source server.. Now i want to make a simple zimbra application in java which the application authenticates user and displays inbox... I know there are two options available to make requests


i have already worked on rest api for authentication and its working good. but it lacks some advance features like retriving account info rather than inbox ! so now i am planning to use soap for that.. i am searching on this forum for good starting example for how to use SOAP api in JAVA.. but could not find any.. although the soap api docs is there, but it only shows the message format for request and response... also i think there is a jar file for soap available in lib directory of zimbra.. so i am confused what to do?

1. whether to use raw soap requests and response
2. import jar and use it

if jar should be used, then which one? there are alternatives jars like,


Also there is no documentation provided for these jars.. so it would be helpful if documentation like javadoc is there for these jars.

hoping for the reply.
Thank you.