I have three unrelated questions:

1. Are there plans to provide a REST like interface to the zimbra store?
e.g. for an ical, I may just want to say with a GET: http://www.mydomain.com/zimbra/debianfoo/holiday.ical

and then get back some xml or JSON

or use a POST for a more complex request

additionally many of the api's I will want to access will only be REST based, so will the AJAX hooks be developed to accomodate this? e.g. NCBI does have some SOAP access, assuming it is no longer broken :-) ...but their REST like eutils are much easier - and for a wiki/file store I have really liked the XML/HTTP interface provided by the Daisy repository server (java based with lucene/jms) and the rich RBAC mechanisms available - I compared this with the allegro stuff recently, but still came out liking what the daisy guys developed (can elaborate if needed)

...but the lines start to blur with using daisy and zimbra, since why wouldn't I want to serve up my calendars using daisy's RBAC and just treating it as another object in the repository 'bag' - if we're talking workflow, then a bpel file is just another object I grab out of the bag and distribute to my workflow cluster

2. Have you used the zimbra server with any of the exisiting distributed file packages - e.g. google has GFS and the nutch guys replicated with their own version, or MogileFS from livejournal, or OpenAFS

I noticed that you mentioned hardware analogues to some of these approaches elsewhere - e.g. SAN, RAID, etc.

although my email reqs are minimal - my distributed storage needs with complex metadata typings (presumably from mySQL, or a RDF store) are huge

since I see zimbra headed in this direction, I'm curious of your views/plans

3. I saw mention from a Zimbra engineer on the need for a single Ajax framework to compete with the efforts ongoing at MS (can't remember where on the Zimbra site, blog i think). Given this statement, have you evaluated the plethora of existing frameworks (dojo, scriptaculous/prototype, ) and looked at how Zimbra might interoperate with these libraries, or even use them as a base(?).
some semi-useful comparisons/reviews are here:
another example 'framework', is orbeon's nice xforms implementation:
or what these guys did with the dojo toolkit, for in place editing, etc.:

none of this is meant as criticism, i've been really impressed with what zimbra has done - just curious on where I should be drawing the lines when looking at Zimbra's future dev and place within my app architecture (incidentally, my app will also be open source)

in all fairness, I have not loaded the zimbra source yet either - planned to wait for the next release before hacking - so hope I have not ovelooked any obvious answers to my questions

also hope i did not ramble too much, happy to clarify on any points though.