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Thread: SOAP API, how to manage out-of-office auto-reply, mail forwarding and local delivery

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    Question SOAP API, how to manage out-of-office auto-reply, mail forwarding and local delivery


    I have searched the Zimbra documentation, forums and SOAP API reference but I can't find any examples or commands to read, add, edit and delete (get, create, modify and delete?) settings for the following:
    out-of-office auto-reply,
    mail forwarding,
    and local delivery.

    There is mention here ( of how to use the ModifyAccount SOAP command with attribute zimbraMailForwardingAddress for mail forwarding but are there any complete examples of how to construct and process SOAP requests to read, add, edit and delete the above 3 settings?

    I have to work with Zimbra Version 5.0.18

    Many thanks in advance

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    I'm mobile at the moment, so can't do the tests to give you the answer. But the fastest way to find out is to open up Chrome or Firefox and use the Developer Tools to view the raw network requests. Once that is enabled, make the change in your own account and view the request that the Web UI made to the server. Then copy that syntax into your code.
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    Thank you Krishopper. Using Google Chrome's Developer Tools I was able to view all the XML requests sent by a web front end to the Zimbra SOAP API. This is a great way to see exactly what the XML schema, including all commands and parameters, should be to perform any action that a web front end does. This is extremely useful because the Zimbra documentation on the SOAP API does not give examples on how to do many key things, or even show what all the commands and settings should be.

    If anyone else needs to do this:
    - Open Google Chrome and open the built-in Developer Tools
    - In Developer Tools, click on the tab at the top for 'Network'
    - Click on the tab at the bottom for 'All', if you want to see all requests/responses between the front end and the server or click on the 'XHR' tab if you want to see only GET/POST requests using Ajax
    - As you perform actions in the web front end you will see all data from the requests and responses including the formatted XML requests sent to the Zimbra SOAP API

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    Thanks, SimonZ, that's a handy tip.

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