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Thread: Zimbra 8 REST API

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    Question Zimbra 8 REST API

    Looks like the REST API has changed slightly in Zimbra 8 from previous versions, and I haven't been able to track down the correct documentation. The docs at /opt/zimbra/docs/rest.txt aren't pointing me to the answer.

    I'm trying to view existing emails via a RESTful URL. This will let our CRM system store a link to that URL and allow our people to call up the email sent to the client. The documentation in rest.txt implies that I can view the email through http://server/home/[~]{account-name}/?id={item-id} (ie http://server/home/joe.smith/?id=520). This does work, but it gives me a bug-ugly text-based email (see attachment) that won't fly with my co-workers.

    I can get a nicely formatted email by using https://server/h/message?id=520. However, if I try to insert the username into the URL, I get a 404 error. How can I view a particular email for a particular user via link?

    Kathy A.
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