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Thread: Some question about zimbra nginx internals

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    Default Some question about zimbra nginx internals


    What is zmroute_type in upstream_zmauth nginx module? { rest, activesync, caldav, authtoken }. How this affects nginx behavior when it routes user to appropriate zimbra mailbox server?

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    It affects how you get route info for each users from memcached or ZimbraLDAP via NginxLookupExtension.
    For example, if it is "authtoken", user's zimbraId is used to retrieve its route info.
    But if it is "rest", user's mail address is used.

    It is from my memory for rather older version zimbra server.
    So I am not sure if it is still right.
    But maybe it is so from quick look at nginx source code in ZCS 8.

    And this is all I know right now. So this also could affects other points.

    Hope it will help you.


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