Has anyone tossed around the feasibility of integrating usage of MS Office Web Apps Server with Zimbra through the MS-WOPI protocol for editing and viewing documents in the browser with the office web suite? Either as a zimlet or even integrated into the Zimbra suite. It would seem to me that this functionality would be really great for use editing Briefcase documents in a browser while retaining the formatting and functionality (such as track changes) of using Microsoft's office suite. The current Zimbra web apps for editing documents and excel files is really limited and (as typical with using non-MS products) can really mess up formatting in a file. This might also be a great way to get around all the problems associated with trying to connect MS Windows and MS Office via webdav for editing documents in Briefcase. I haven't been able to make it work in years. Also, it could allow Mac users to edit MS document formats accurately, and in a web browser.

I am not a developer, so don't really know how feasible this is. But if anyone has a thoughts, I'd be interested to hear them.

WOPI Docs:
[MS-WOPI]: Web Application Open Platform Interface Protocol