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Thread: Zimbra REST API & Pagination

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    Default Zimbra REST API & Pagination

    I also posted the following question also on stackoverflow at Zimbra REST API & Pagination - Stack Overflow

    The Zimbra wiki states that the url for getting a folder has the following structure:

    So if I wanted to retrieve the inbox in rss format I would look in:

    The question is:

    How Do I achieve pagination with the above url format. Stated otherwise, how would the calls for messages 1 to 10 and 11 to 20 look like?

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    On your ZCS server, you can look at the "SEARCHING" section of /opt/zimbra/docs/rest.txt for some documentation. However, it appears there may be a bug in the RSS handler ( where limit and offset may not be handled properly (in addition, sortBy may not be honored). I suspect you'll need to use the SOAP API for the time being unless you're able to dump the entire result set you need in the single REST request.

    I filed the following bug against ZCS 8.0.4:
    Bug 83788 – REST limit and offset seem broken for RSS and sortBy may not be honored - REST limit and offset seem broken for RSS and sortBy may not be honored

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