Hello Gents

we're developing a Zimlet that needs to do some stuff on the email message body when a draft is loaded into the HTML editor.

What we would need is some kind of callbak that is called when the editor has just finished to load... somewhat like the "ZmHtmlEditor.prototype._onContentInitialized" function.

We saw there's a callback here, "_onContentInitializeCallback", but seems that this function is used internally for other purposes.

We also tried to accomplish our needings overriding the "ZmComposeController.prototype._setView" function, adding some code at the end of this.
This is working fine with Chrome and IE, but seems there's a problem with Firefox related to the "enableDesignMode" function.

In the end, what's the best way to add some content (in our case, the default signature of the logged user) to a draft, when this is opened for editing by the user?

We are using Zimbra 7.2.2.

Thanks in advance for any help.