Hello All,

I'm having a strange issue with a new theme (skin) we've added to Zimbra.

In "skin.css" file I used some rules with CSS attribute selectors to highlight unread messages. The following is an example one:

.ZmTradView .DwtListView .Row .Unread TD[id$='su'] {
    color: #ff0000;
This skin has been deployed on ZCS 7.2.4 NE.

The problem is that IE doesn't recognize these rules when loads the page; Firefox and Chrome are working well instead.
I verified that only the rules with these "CSS attribute selectors" are not recognized, other normal rules are working fine, so I think skin is working well.

The strange fact is that if I simply try to change the color code using the IE debug, then the rule is executed... I was thinking to a cache problem, but no, the CSS is loading fine with my skin rules.

Reading on the web, these rules are supported by IE9 as described here W3schools css attrbute selector

Maybe is the Zimbra "doctype" involved?

I'm using IE9, but in IE8 and IE7 mode is the same.

Any hints, thoughts?

Thank you