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Thread: Read email from zimbra account with attachment using C#

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    Exclamation Read email from zimbra account with attachment using C#

    Hello All,

    I want to read all inbox email using c# application. I have no idea:confused about it how to read it.

    Our Zimbra mail server use IMAP to send & receive mails with Enable ClearText password = false. we can't able to change enable clear text setting because of security issue.

    can any one help me how to read email from my zimbra account ?

    thanks in advances.

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    Question How to read Zimbra mail account Using C#.NET ?

    Hello all,

    I want to read my mail from zimbra mail account using c# & .net.

    I have tried with third party dll. Using that dll i try to connect & login to my zimbra domain.


    Client.Connect(domain, port);
    Client.Login(username, password);

    successfully connected to my domain , after that second statement throw an error.

    Error details : "cleartext logins disabled"

    How can resolve above error using my program?

    Is it any way to enable cleartext logins for particular account using program ? or

    Is it any way to read email from my account using c# .net ?

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