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Thread: AuthRequest not creating/returning session on most calls ???

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    Default [SOLVED] AuthRequest through NGINX proxy not creating/returning session on most calls

    I am troubleshooting an issue with a user of the z-push zimbra backend, and it has come down to the fact that for some reason when the AuthRequest is passed to the backend, it is not opening a session every time, and as a result is not passing back the session refresh block, and cannot initiate a WaitSet.

    A random section of the debug log shows that maybe one in every 4 AuthRequest calls is getting a session. The others are just returning a token but with no session context created.

    Has anyone any idea what would prevent/limit zimbra from opening a session ?

    The configuration is one zimbra proxy in front of 3 or 4 mailstores. They are running 7.2.0 FOSS
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