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Thread: Java - update message headers

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    Default Java - update message headers

    Hello Gents,

    I'm writing a zimlet that, when invoked, stores some message headers in database.
    This zimlet is made by a JSP that invokes my Java class to do the job.

    All is working fine, I'm wondering now about the possibility to manage some message headers directly from this Java Class - for example, updating the message subject adding a simple prefix, just to "mark" the email.

    Is there any possibility to do this via Java API calls? For example using ZMessage or ZMailBox classes, or some others?

    I've searched a lot for API docs and other examples here, but I've found nothing useful for my purposes.

    PS: I'm using Zimbra 7.2.4

    Thanks so much.

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    I do not understand what you have done with your zimlet and what is the goal of your next modification.
    But generally speaking in Zimbra, message subject is stored in message file itself and in zimbra's database table.
    So you have to decide if you change one of them or both.
    Some processes in Zimbra use the one in database, other use the one in message file. So sometimes changing only one of them makes you confused.
    Same even in UI, so it could makes your user confused.

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