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Thread: Sub task list folder inside of Tasks not showing up

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    Default Sub task list folder inside of Tasks not showing up

    Hi I'm new here and looking for an answer.

    I just started playing with the Tasks feature and seem to have found a weird problem. If I create a sub task list folder inside the main "Tasks" folder and then click on the main "Tasks" folder it says "No results found." Why can't I see the subfolder or the tasks inside of it?

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    Clicking on a Folder will only show you the items of the type the folder is designed for that are located in that folder. If you have no tasks created in the top level Tasks folder - then you will get "No results found"

    zimbra will never show a recursive tree view in the right hand pane. It will only show a list of tasks or whatever should be in that type of folder.

    You can do a recursive search by using the under:"Tasks" search instead of the default in:"Tasks" - that will list all the tasks in all sub-folders - but it will still show them all as a list - not as a tree view in the right hand pane.

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