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Thread: Why not a Windows port for Zimbra server?

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    Question Why not a Windows port for Zimbra server?

    I guess I'm going to get flamed for such a heretical suggestion but here goes.

    I know at least one user who's got three employees and he's using Microsoft Exchange. He's steamed about the cost. But his business operations are wholly dependent on it. He needs to MIGRATE out and take all his Exchange data with him.

    I'd have loved to move him to Zimbra, but the server isn't available for Windows. So what, you say? Let him install Linux on some cheap old box and be done with it. Well, to to the average business user, this sounds a lot like let them eat cake. They want something EASY and SIMPLE to migrate to, with a minimum of changes. The idea of having a PC dedicated to just this purpose and with an unfamiliar OS bugs them.

    I'm not defending Windows from a technical standpoint. That's not my point at all. I'm talking the realities of the marketplace and of user psychology. A Windows port would help us meet a great many potential users more than halfway.

    What say you all?

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    Welcome to the forums.

    No you won't get flamed. A lot of the packages in Zimbra have been ported to Windows, the big 'but' in there is Postfix. As far as I know Postfix doesn't exist as a windows port and I don't think there's any intention of doing it.

    It isn't a case of 'let them eat cake', it's a sound business decision that he'll have to make. The cost of installing a half-decent server from (let's say) Dell and putting Zimbra on it would be far less than what he's paying for Exchange - and he'll get a better product. He can certainly move his Exchange data to Zimbra but the question would be, what does he want from his Zimbra server?

    The realities of the marketplace are that some of the largest businesses in their fields use Zimbra and have no need to move to Windows to do it. It's a perfectly viable and stable platform to solve a real business need.

    Final point (from me, at least), I installed a Linux server on a Dell server with no more than a couple of months linux experience fairly easily (I used CentOS4) followed by Zimbra - Zimbra took me about 1 hour to install and was up and running. That was considerable quicker than the WIN2K3 server with AD + Exchange that I'd installed some years earlier.
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    Default postfix

    Zimbra requires postfix, and there's no postfix port for Windows. If someone were to port postfix to Windows, we could consider a Windows Zimbra port. Until then, however, it's kind of a non-starter.
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    I went back into the archives and found this post.

    I think a zcs port for windows could be useful.

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