I'd like to make a DwtMenu show up when the user cliques a simple raw HTML link (existing code). The menu will then display a bunch of actions that the user can perform.
The idea is a bit like the ActionMenu you use in the DataViewer example...

Now, could you just give me a few guidelines on how to do that ?

I've managed to display a simple menu simply by instantiating a DwtMenu and setting a few DwtMenuItems. But then, for an obscure reason, all the listeners I set on the items wouldn't work except for the very first click on one of the items. That is, only 1 event was passed to the listeners for the whole menu. Any idea why ?

Secondly, I tried customizing the DataViewer example, but then got an empty blank screen...

Anyway, if someone could give me a few lines of code plus a simple explanation on how to achieve what I am trying to do, I'll be thrilled.

Thanks in advance to anyone.