Basically i am a java developer.I have some knowledge of Javascript and no knowledge of Ajax.

Now in my company i am being assigned the job of developing zimlets for an application.

I gone through the preliminary draft of Zimlet's whitepaper and got some idea of what zimlets are and what they consists of.

I looked at the sample zimlets coming by default with Zimbra server.But when i looked at the code in the zimlet definition file there was very less code and in the .js file was the full functionality.But honestly saying i didn't got anything written in the .js file.One thing I am sure of is that code is not pure javascript.

So if some body can help me in understanding what is going on in that .js file (for e.g the com_zimbra_email example) and let me know how to initiate and what approach to take for the task of my zimlet development,i would be really grateful to the zimbra community.

Basically i will be developing zimlet forms which will get poppedup when the user will right click a particular content in the emailbody.