I'm using zimbra 8.0.6 OSS

I needed to enable html code editing in signature (tinymce)

I changed the following file :

added code here :
theme_advanced_buttons2 : "formatselect,undo,redo,|,removeformat,|,pastetext ,|,tablecontrols,|,blockquote,hr,charmap,code",

It worked, but not immediatly. I wanted to add an other button. But now i'm stuck. Flushing cache both in zimbra and browser didn't help.
Neither did restarting zimbra.

I can see optSignatures_tag.class et optSignatures_tag.java have been generated with the good settings, but my modification don't appear.

There must be some cache, but tried everything and nothing worked. At least, i have my html code editor working, but i wanted to share my trick, but it doesn't seem to work always.

Any idea how zimbra is working under the hood (none of the doc i saw about jetty and zimbra helped) ?