Hi everyone,

I'm looking at Zimbra as a possible replacement for MS Exchange at my organization. I have to say, I love the SOAP interfaces and have already played with integrating some Zimbra functions into our existing staff portal. Really great architecture.

One thing has me puzzled though. I haven't been able to find a way to access information about the current user's account (as a regular user, not an admin user). Specifically, I would like to retrieve the information entered into the "Contact Information" tab when editing the account in zimbraAdmin.

Right now I'd like to do this from a Zimlet, but later would also like to access the data from an external app using SOAP (for example, the Department field could be useful on our portal page to display custom content to the user based on which department they are in. I already have preauth/single-signon working so that is not a problem).

I have searched the forums and documentation and have not be able to find anywhere that this information is accessible outside of zimbraAdmin. GetInfoRequest looked promising, but it doesn't return the account's contact information. In soap.txt under GetInfoResponse it says "Only attributes listed in zimbraAccountClientAttrs will be returned" ... I thought maybe I could modify that value to have it also return the contact info but I couldn't find any reference to zimbraAccountClientAttrs outside of that document. Not in the forums, not in the documentation, not even from a Google search.

So my question is... is this contact information accessible somehow? If so, how?

Thanks in advance,