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Thread: Any plans to integrate ZMPKG?

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    Question Any plans to integrate ZMPKG?

    Hi folks,

    as some people here maybe already know, we've developed ZMPKG, to allow robust
    and easy deployment (incl. upgrades, removal, dependency tracking, etc) of Zimbra
    extensions (not just Zimlets or Skins, but also mailboxd extensions, core customizations,
    etc, etc).

    ZCS Package Management System | Zimbra :: Gallery

    It's now production-stable for several years (for Helix as well as IronMaiden).
    Zimbra folks have been informed years ago, but - after some initial interest -
    we simply go no answers on that topic anymore.

    Are there any plans to integrate it into JP ?

    EDIT: bugzilla

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    Any update from Zimbra on this?

    This would be a far more robust and easy way for users to install and retain zimlets and customizations...

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