Hi there,

We currently have our hosting company run our email. We have no calendar server or contacts server.

I'm a Linux user, and Zimbra seems a great choice to improve us. We also have a crusty analogue phone system, and Asterix seems the best choice to get us using IP phones.

I asked over there about integrating with you, and I'd like to do the same here. In particular, it'd be great to share sign in/log in, and address book between the two systems, I presume the best way to do that would be a shared LDAP system?

Also, as I later mentioned there, I was demoed Microsoft Lync not long after asking that question there. Could integrating Asterix and Zimbra make sense in competing with the Microsoft offering?

Microsoft Lync 2010 -- What's Lync? - YouTube

What are your thoughts about the difficulty of doing this with open source software?

Here's what they had to say ...

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