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Thread: You are not Organizer in call to: CreateCalendarItem

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    Default You are not Organizer in call to: CreateCalendarItem

    I made a script in php using soap service (xml) to share an appointment(sending email ...)
    i get this error :
    Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [soap:Client] You are not Organizer in call to: CreateCalendarItem in ..
    can someone tel me what does mean .
    Thank you

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    The account you are authorized with needs to agree with who is the ORGANIZER of the appointment. This is a safeguard to avoid you being able to invite other people pretending that you are your boss ;-)
    If that isn't enough to help, then I suggest you provide more details - the contents of the SOAP request you are making and the details of the authorization used.
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