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Thread: single File per message problem

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    Default single File per message problem

    If the same message arrives for more than one user, only a single file is store but informatio
    for the files is set in the database for all the recipients.
    I think there is a problem here ( or I did not understand it right ).
    If the same mesage arrives for user A and B and the file is only stored in the mailbox ( directory ) of user A, B may lost the message if for some reason he will need to reindex his mailsotre.

    I did not see any information related recipients in the raw message file. If A and B need to reindex their mailstore ( database crash and index information is corupted ), there is enough information in the message file to set again an index for B ? or B wont be able to see that message anymore ?


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    Default Hard links.

    Message file sharing is done by hard linking the message file into all the recipients' directories. So there won't be a problem should you need to "reindex".

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