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    Default preauth

    I have integrated Zimbra with CAS via preauth.jsp. My users log in with a unique employee number via CAS.

    My server has multiple domains (,, etc)
    In order to use the preauth.jsp we need to generate a the domain_key via zmprov gdpak Here is the problem, since I have multiple domains, I create an alias for all my mail accounts ( for example ) and then I use zmprov gdpak to create the domain_key. When I run the preauth.jsp I get an error : invalid request: domain not configured for preauth !

    preauth.jsp can only be configured to use one domain .... is it possible to use the alias instead ?


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    For security we require a separate preauth key for each domain. Google 'zimbra preauth cas' and you can see what others have done for CAS.
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