We're looking to implement Zimbra for our office (~100 user), and I'll be testing out the trial version here soon so we can try the Outlook/Mobile options. There's a few features that I'd love to see out of Zimbra, and I don't know if they'd require additional functionality of if they could be handled by Zimlets.

One thing is the calendar. What would be really nice is to have a 'today's appointments' listing somewhere, possibly above the minical, or even as an optional replacement (like the RSS zimlet does). I've been looking at the RSS zimlet, which doesn't seem to work with anything but the default Yahoo feed. I could possibly make this read from their calendar using the REST functions. One thing about this option would be that the REST requires authentication unless they have their calendar shared public. I don't know if the zimlets are capable of passing this information or not. Another option would be to have a new zimlet that works like the RSS by replacing the minical with the 'today's' section.

Also, reminder popups. Zimbra currently produces an AJAX popup in its own window, but if the users do not have Zimbra up in front of th
em they won't see it. New email is trivial, but schedule notifications are a bit more important. If I could get it to simply popup a b
rowser window instead of an AJAX window that would solve the issue. Once again, I dont know if zimlets can provide this functionality.

This also extends possibly into the Sunbird/Lightning CalDAV option. I know that currently (I read that it's in the works) CalDAV is no
t supported, so my Linux users do not have an option for updating their calendar outside of the webapp. This would be a big one, as our
office is at least half Linux/UNIX clients. I see that michael-fig has done some great work with WCAP ( http://michael.fig.org/src/zim
bra-wcap/ ) - but I have been unable to get this fully functional.

I have been trying to work on the Yahoo Maps zimlet, as it does not work with HTML formatted message where there is a <br> between lines
. It looks like the XML file has standard regexp in it, and I thought I had modified it correctly (I used ruby to verify my regex worke
d) but it still does not match properly. Plain text works fine, as does a single line in HTML. Here is my regex string:

\b\d+[A-Za-z]?[ ]+([ewns]\.?[ ]+)?[A-Za-z0-9]+([ ]+[A-Za-z0-9]+)*[\s,\.]?(\s*(\#|[A-Za-z]+[,\.]?)[ ]*\d+[\s,\.])?(.br.)*\s*[A-Za-z]+([ ]
+[A-Za-z]+)*[ ,][ ]*[A-Za-z]{2}([A-Za-z]+([ ][A-Za-z]+)?)?[ ]+\d{5}(-\d{4})?\b

I added a '?' after '[\s,\.]', since there is not always a whitespace after the St abbreviation etc if there is no period, and '(.br.)*'
to handle zero or more linebreaks. I must still be missing something there.

Currently my JavaScript abilities are severely limited, though I am reading through the zimlet documentation to see what I can do with t
hem. I would appreciate any input or ideas (or even solutions :) anyone has on these issues.