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Thread: Xen-support (under Debain) for Network-Edition customers available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by martin View Post
    Is it right that Ubuntu LTS itself is free, but you can buy support?
    Yes, that's correct. The currently supported version for NE is Ubuntu 6.06.x LTS.


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    Platform list: Zimbra Product Portal Release 5.0 > anything in the NE section
    More here: /support/support_overview.html

    (From the other side of the fence because the question is vague - if you we're asking if operating system support is available for ubuntu itself: Support Overview | Ubuntu > "Buy Professional Support Services")
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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix View Post
    If I remember correctly the problem is to do with file permissions and/or ownership being changed if a process terminates (maybe abnormally?).
    What version of Debian is this supposed to happen on? This is the first we've heard of it, and we've been running Debian 4.0 for over a year now without any issues of this kind. Considering the FirstClass client crashes on a daily basis, I think we would have noticed something like this by now. :)

    We also run Debian (3.1 and 4.0) on our diskless/thin-client servers in our elementary schools and haven't had any issues with this. We'd be very interested in more details on this kind of bug.

    Zimbra Network Edition is only supported on RHEL, SLES 9 (SLES10 soon), MAC OSX and now Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. They are the versions that have vendor support and where customers should look for operating system support, Vendors support their O/S and Zimbra supports it's own product.
    It'd be really nice if there were NE releases for other OSes where *WE* can provide our own support. Not all of us need/want a "corporate-backed OS". :) Some of us have developed in-house support for the OSes that we use, and would prefer to pay our own people for support issues. :) A Debian 4.0 version of Zimbra 5.0 NE would be just wonderful. :)

    Can you imagine what a nightmare it would be if Zimbra provided a Debian version with that bug in the kernel?
    Which version of Debian, running which kernel?

    It's too time consuming and costly to provide support for every operating system problem that users may encounter.
    Then don't support the OS, support the app. And when people come with OS-related problems, you say, "Talk to the OS vendor". :)

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