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Thread: How to write formatter?

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    Default How to write formatter?

    hi all,

    I read on the blog that there is formatter that we can use and I quote this :

    "We'd also like to encourage people to write their own formatters. There is a framework on the server-side for writing formatters, and it is actually quite easy. The Zip formatter, for example, is less then two pages of code."

    I'd like to write my own formatter so can someone explain how I can do that?
    What is this framework? where is it?

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    The ability to easily add a formatter without building from source hasn't materialized yet. If you grab the source you can look at this directory for all the formatters:

    And this file needs to be updated to "plugin" a new formatter (look at the UserServlet() constructor):

    Ideally we should be reading the extra plugins from server-side extensions and/or local config. We probably could make UserServlet.addFormatter public so it could be called from an extension.
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