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Thread: Direct browser URL to calendar day, contact

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    Question Direct browser URL to calendar day, contact

    Given a good authtoken, session, the folder id of a local or remote calendar, and even the id of an individual appointment...

    I need to construct a URL that will take the viewer directly to that day on the calendar in daily view. I can either specify the calendar date, or specify the id of the appointment.

    I also need to construct a URL that will take the viewer directly to a particular contact in a local or a remote folder -- given the id of the folder and of the contact.

    Haven't found anything in the docs -- anybody know how to do this?

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    I am interested in doing the same thing also : from a web page, open zimbra to calendar view (=> Ok with parameter "app=calendar"), on a given day or week.

    Is it possible to choose type of calendar view (day/week/...) and date ? How ?

    Another question : if Zimbra is already opened in a browser window, with a given target, I will use the same target to have only one zimbra window opened. But when I open Zimbra again, it ask whether I am agree to quit Zimbra, and then, it is quite long and useless to reload all Zimbra client.

    Is there a better way to trigger a view change on zimbra Web client from another web page ?

    Thanks for any help...

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