Ok, so here's the deal.

I was bored and ripped up an old laptop to build into a picture frame type thing, so far all it does is sit there running ether-ape showing network activity on my lan (this is for my home setup) That looks nice and I thought... Hmm, what else can I do, so I came up with this....

I've installed Cepstral speech engine on the frame and I want the zimbra server to send a message to it somehow so that as an email arrives for any user, the frame will speak a message, like "New mail for Joe User from ****** Spam" etc, I know this is pointless, I know its stupid, but I still think it's kinda cool.

However, I barely know where to start. I want the notifications to be instant, so any form of pop3 collection is out. I'm thinking it should be possible to set zimbra to send a message to the frame, as the mail arrives and run a shell script on the frame to listen on a port or something. It should be easy, but currently I'm at the 'blank page' stage and struggling to start.

Anyone have any ideas?