hi there,
as of 8am this morning i came into enlightenment with my new zimbra server.
I cant wait to get everyone on it.

I have a few things i want to do with regard to extending & customizing the software to suit our company and i thought i'd sound them out to see what kind of feedback all of you had about my proposals.

1- i really need to build this into a bigger internal syatem we have which is base on LAMP and controls our crm, supplier database, job/project management and also our cms. ideally zimbra would act as an information input stream whereby emails could be saved into jobs/client accounts and our client, lead and supplier databases could be synced up with zimbra's GAL.

2- In order to 'tag' email to jobs/clients/leads etc i would hope to make some form of zimlet which would lookup the sender or recipients address in the wider system and offer the user the option to file the message into the client/job/lead's log table. Does this sound like somthing thats possible? if so does anyone have any insight or pointers as to the most efficient zen way to do this?

3- Syncing up the the contact databases is going to be a really key thing. I would really like it if, as our staff receive emails from people it would be great if there was some way of automatically (or at least the system recognizing and offering the user the option to) recognize the senders domain and check our wider database's client/supplier tables for the company's domain names then file this user in the GAL under this company. (errrr hang on that even confuses me) what i mean is, if the sender isnt in the addrress book already, zimbra checks the client and supplier tables for the senders domain, if it is found, it realizes that this must be an employee of one of our clients, and offers the ability to save the sender in the GAL under the client who domain it recognizes.

4- nightly sync-ing of contacts with our other database.

I have a feeling this might be a bit of pandora's box affair, so i really would appreciate the wisom and judgement of you all.