I'm very new to Zimbra. I've checked all the Zimbra's documents those I can find but still have no idea how to do this. So, I come to here and hope this is a good place to ask my question.

I'm trying to integrate the instant messaging server - OpenFire with the Zimbra. My 1st assignment is to get the OpenFire send a message to it's client when there's a new mail (or upcoming event) go into user's mailbox.

Since I can successfully config the OpenFire server to authenticate the users aginst Zimbra's LDAP server, I suppose that it should not have any technical issue about the authentication. My next step come to the question that how can I retrive the status of the user mailbox, to check if there is any new mail available.

My idea is to create a SOAP client as a plug-in for the OpenFire server and periodically request Zimbra server the mailbox (and calendar) information. If there is any up-coming event or incoming mail available, the plug-in will immediately send the message to the IM client.

However, from the documents, I can see only the information about SOAP message to retrieve information from the Calendar. But nothing about the "new mail", except the mailbox searching.

My current question should be: are there any approach that better than just make a mail searching for the new one? Any reading is also welcome.