although zimbra use many other open source packages which already included in the distro (mysql, postfix, apache, openldap, mrtg, rrdtools and many more) it still packaged in zcs. i'd be more happy if we can use the distro's default packages rather then zimbra's one. i see many of these packages newer then the one in eg. rhel 4, but do they realy needed? i mean (eg openldap 2.2.28 instead of 2.2.26). if we can use the upstream rpms we can use the normal update procedure, bugfix, security updates etc at the same time we can use these services for other purpose and other distro packages compiled for this packges (eg. freeradius-mysql, other apache modules etc). it's clear for me that it much better to support, but if we can a guideline
- which is the miunimum version in each packages
- what configuration need for a given packages
- what do you modify on it
we can do it ourself, there will be a better documentation and we'll be happy
if some packages realy requires newer version or some kind of code modification than it'd be also goot to document what and why. and try to push it upstream.
do you plan such documentations? imho it would be great for all developers.
in this case only the zimbra specific code have to packaged in a much smaller packages and the whole maintanace would be much easier.