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Thread: Question regarding modified pages

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    Question Question regarding modified pages

    i am using zimbra oss

    i have copied the tomcat/webapps/zimbra/h/login page and modified it to create a new page with a drop-down list of domains adjacent to the username box for login purpose
    i have also inserted another logo on the page keeping the zimbra logo intact
    i have kept the original page as well in my zimbra installation
    i will be redirecting users by default to the new page i have created

    my question is,
    can i still use the zimbra collabration logo or i have to use the zimbra inside logo??

    i have read the license but really cant make out what i should do

    i would love to use the zimbra default logo if i can

    /edit: i have just re-read the license on the website, it seems it has changed since last when i had read it, it has become even more complex now for me to understand
    pls answer this question as well:
    can i use the smaller zimbra powered logo only on the new page i have created instead of the the zimbra logo keeping the zimbra logo on the original page?
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    Well, in the open source version, you may not remove any logos.
    As long as you keep our logo visible with all of the copyright notices, and the wiki/forums link (5.0 only), then you're good to go.

    You may not replace the Zimbra logo with the Zimbra Powered logo. You can only add to the current logo in a separate image file (ie you can't edit the jpg file and change the zimbra logo).

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