I'm using Zimbra Network Edition 4.5 on a SuSE SLES 10.2 SP1 and wanna change the Zimbra Logo at login page and Webclient UI to present for my clients. I found at the wiki this document: Creating Themes Long Version - ZimbraWiki
but in the 5 iten it recommends "See Network Edition - Adding Logos" but I can't find this doc.
I creat my own theme called engepel, copy the sand files for that folder and change the engepel.xml like above:
in the engepel_subs.txt file I just change the skin name add this two lines:
SkinName = engepel

LogoImgDir = /zimbra/skins/engepel/logos
LogoURL = mysite

After I deploy the theme with the commands:
su - zimbra
zmprov mcf +zimbraInstalledSkin themeName
zmcontrol stop
zmcontrol start
and apply the theme for an user but the screen seens like the picture in attachement
What can I do now??


Joćo Henrique