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    Default Resources Management

    Hi All,

    I am evaluating Zimbra to use it in an Educational environmet.
    I am trying the Calendar options to manage resources management and I have identified some improvements.

    - The posibility to asign permissions to Resources
    - Restrict the reservation timetable of the resources
    - Define categories of resources (notebooks, cameras, ...)
    - Search Zimbra's internal calendars to subscribe to
    - Find resources that fulfill some conditions (based on the resource type and ocupation), using an assistant
    - Estadistics of the resources occupation
    - Exportation of the information in diferent formats

    I don't know if this functionalities are contemplated in the roadmap,
    and if there are changes in the resource's management functionallities, I would like to know in witch line.


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    Welcome to the forums,
    Search Bugzilla to see if someone's already put in RFE's (request for enhancement) on those. Also check PMWeb to see feature implementation timelines and top projects.

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    I would love see resource categories as well. It would be nice to be able to select the "Master" resource and have all of the children marked as busy.

    A gym for example may have many parts that would be a resource but during a game you would want to mark everything as busy.

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