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Thread: PHP SOAP create appointment example

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    Here's the code I'm using. What happens is it creates the appointment on my calendar, but doesn't on the others on the list. It also doesn't send them an email asking them to Accept the appointment. But when I delete or modify the appointment the others get an email.

    So I need it to show up on other's calendar and send them an email.

    What I'd like to do is run the debugger as Admin, but I'm not an admin. The docs give me some hints, but not enough to solve the problem.

    Thanks much for your help.


    $options = array('uri' => "urn:zimbraMail");
    $params = array(

    new SoapVar('<m d="1148883681781">
    <e t="f" a="email1" />
    <e t="t" a="email2" />
    <e t="f" a="email3"/>
    <e t="t" a="email4"/>
    <inv method="REQUEST" type="event" fb="B" transp="O" status="CONF" allDay="0" name="Test">
    <s d="20080131T020000"/>
    <e d="20080131T023000"/>
    <at a="email2" role="REQ" ptst="AC" rsvp="1"/>
    <at a="email3" role="REQ" ptst="TE" rsvp="1"/>
    <or a="email1"/>

    <mp ct="multipart/alternative"><mp ct="text/plain"><content/></mp><mp ct="text/html"><content/></mp></mp>
    <su>Test </su>
    </m>', XSD_ANYXML)

    try {
    echo "creating header<br>";
    $soapHeader = new SoapHeader(
    new SoapVar('<ns2:context><authToken>' . $authToken . '</authToken></ns2:context>', XSD_ANYXML)

    echo "trying<br>";
    $result = $soapClient->__soapCall(
    echo "executed<br>";

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    Default hi

    hi kinihepu,

    did you success in your aim ?
    Do you manage to create a appointement using php ?

    Shall you post a very simply example ?


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    Question how t odo that ?

    Quote Originally Posted by dkarp View Post
    Easiest thing to do is turn on the SOAP trace debug window and create an appointment from the AJAX client. Then use the PHP SOAP package of your choice to generate XML like that...
    how to do that ? which tool ? which software ?

    Can i do it under Win32 plateform ?

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    post deleted by me
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