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Thread: Next release...and future...if upgrade...

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    Default Next release...and future...if upgrade...

    Is it like M1 -> M2 have a script to upgrade or just run ./ have a option to upgrade? Or if manually(RPM) to upgrade just [rpm (-option) "those files name"]...
    Because I think everyone want a easy/smooth way to upgrade...

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    Default once burned

    We learned alot about upgrading during the M1->M2 upgrade - currently, the upgrade functionality (what was the script) is built into the install.

    So - the upgrade process will be, run (or the mac installer), run, which will figure out where you are, and do whatever needs to be done to make your new system right.

    We've built it with an eye towards robustness, and also towards data integrity - so the upgrade will (99%) work - but we won't toast your data, no matter what...

    (Of course, you're all backing up your mail systems, right? Of course you are )

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