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    Default CentOS 4.2 Build

    I have the CVS build nearly working on CentOS 4.2. It's pretty straight forward, and can be done one of two ways. You'd use one of the two procedures that follows, then just follow the typical CVS build instructions as found in ZimbraServer/docs. I should have a build script available soon though :-)

    The long way is:

    1) Add Build Platform

    Edit: ZimbraBuild/rpmconf/Build/, and add:

           grep "CentOS release 4" /etc/redhat-release > /dev/null 2>&1
            if [ $? = 0 ]; then
                    echo "CentOS4"
                    exit 0
    To the 'if' statement section at the top labeled "if [ -f /etc/redhat-release ];".

    2) Add dir in WebClient

    cd ZimbraWebClient/bin
    cp -ra RHEL4 CentOS4

    3) Add PCRE Target

    Edit: ZimbraBuild/defs/coretargets.def

    Add a line which reads:

    pcre_CentOS4: ;
    4) Create the CentOS4.def file

    In same dir as step 3:

    cp RHEL4.def CentOS4.def

    5) Use 'CentOS4' when building

    When following the CVS build instructions, whenever it calls for you to create a dir for the platform you're on, such as RHEL4, FC3, or whatever, you'd just use CentOS4.

    -- OR --

    The easier way to do all the above is simply to edit:


    And add this to the top (just like above):

           grep "CentOS release 4" /etc/redhat-release > /dev/null 2>&1
            if [ $? = 0 ]; then
                    echo "RHEL4"
                    exit 0
    Except that with this, you're identifying as RHEL4, not CentOS4. So when building, you'd just use RHEL4 for the dir names.

    Theoretically, RHEL4 and CentOS4 are quite similar, if not identical. The difference should be in support, and availability of non-free packages. Being that the build uses only freely available packages, there may not be a difference between RHEL4 and CentOS4 for build purposes.

    Which of the above is used would depend on whether one can see any current or potential future differences in the distros. The first is safer, but creates more maintenance. The second is *probably* safe, and requires no additional maintenance. But, there's always that chance :-)

    Have a good one,
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