Hey everyone,

I've gone through about 30 different threads and read the soap.txt, soap-admin.txt and soap-calendar.txt files from the OS Source Code but I still seem to be missing an important piece of information that glues all this information together.

I'm trying to build a CRM styled application that can automatically schedule calendar events for our Sales guys. I don't care if I can only send the appointment request via email and have the sales guy accept or decline, or have the ability to create the appointment directly, that's not the issue, I need to understand what I'm able to do via SOAP, then I can figure out how to do it.

So here are my questions:

1. Can I progmatically log in as Admin, then create a calendar event for someone's calendar without knowing that user's password?

2. Do I have to use the http://server/service/soap (non admin) or https://server:7071/service/admin/soap (admin) URL when I invoke the SOAP request to do the above?

3. Once decided upon number 2, I have to do the following don't I?
a) Connect to the URL and request a AuthRequest to receive a SessionId and an AuthToken
b) Use these to then create my second request to get/set information for another user (ie. I want to check their appointments so I send a GetApptSummariesRequest to see what they have on at the time, etc)

I'm writing this application in Perl and will provide an explanation to anyone else who's interested when I'm done so any info you can give to me on this would be extremely helpful!

Thanks everyone!