hei! first of all, i would like to start with what i have done and then the problem.
i got my firewall broken down..i don't know what happenned, but it just broke down and noone could get out from inside and noone could get to servers inside..but everything inside was working fine, exept email.
all my collegues work has stopped..
ok,at least there was a new sidewinder firewall for installing so i started to install and do everything. i got my webserver working and accessible from outside..it lies on dmz1 zone. previously it was in the same zone as the webserver, but now i configured, that it has it's own zone so i configured dmz2 zone, so the mail server goes to that zone. i can now get to webmail from outside and also from inside. for local users i use outlook or opera to connect to mail for inside users, but can' t connect to it..i use 993 secure port for incomming and 995 port for outgoing emails.

now i have the situation, that i see in zimbra.log file, that there are full of error messages, that posfix says: status:deffered (delivery temporarily suspended:connect to host[IP]: Connection refused)

the funies thing is that at the beginning it wrote that the IP was the previous one:, then i found one more file that showed up this IP in /var/named/chroot/var/named called (myhost).hosts
i replaced the old IP with the new and after restart the zimbra log now shows the new IP address and i have about 150 deffered emails..in /var/log messages file it shows up only that the messages has been recieved and that thei have been queued..that' s all
i don't know what to do next...
can anyone of you help out to find the solution?
if there is any info i can provide, just ask...

thank' s in advance.
owh, btw, i'm using ZSC 4.5.6 on RHEL 4

any comments and advices are welcome.