Installed Beta 3 with British English. Already identified one problem (see earlier post). Now also reporting problem with spell checking.

The spell checking built into Prism is working in the sense that it is identifying misspelled words, presumably using the American dictionary because it doesn't like "organise" or "grey" for example. So it is providing the red squiggly line and the right click menu includes "add to dictionary". HOWEVER it is not offering any suggestions, ever. The right click menu always gives (no suggestions) in grey.

I also have Firefox 3 installed and this is doing British spelling perfectly - it doesn't object to "grey" or "organise" and does offer suggestions.

So this seems to be a problem with Prism/Zdesktop integration, and perhaps an issue about getting Prism to recognise the Firefox addins which are available on my machine. I don't have a clue where to start to get Prism to recognise the Firefox addins. Presumably it should as it is all Mozilla right? Is this a path I should start down? If so, can anyone advise?

I know I could just give up and spell the American way , but I raise these issues in case it is a generic language setting problem in which case the issue will apply to other languages too.