Had posted this under "general questions" but this seems to be a better place for it.

Zimbra Desktop does not seem to be able to detect that my laptop has gone offline.

I have made a few tests:
test A - the main problem:
With network working, start Zimbra and successfully connects, disable network, then try to "Get Mail" or drag mail to different mailboxes. I get a few messages to say it cannot connect. All these time the connection icon remains green.

test B - this one works:
With network disabled, I start Zimbra, the connection icon initially is green but a few seconds later turns to red (which I guess means Zimbra is officially in offline mode). I can then read mail or move them around between folders. When I connect to network again (icon turns green, I then click on "Get Mail") the moving/deleting/etc are "commited" to the server - just like it should.

test C - this one also works
Same as test B except I dont click on the "Get Mail" after enabling network again. The icon sits there as red icon for a long time, but eventually (after about 5 minutes) the red turns into that rotating thing to indicate its trying to connect, and eventually turns green again and picks up any new mail I got.

So from test A, it seems like there is a bug somewhere that doesnt detect that it should switch to offline mode and consequently keeps spitting out error messages - when instead it should just go to offline mode (maybe with a ballon popup to say that its gone offline).

I am using the latest Zimbra Desktop - 0.9 (build 1251).

Any quick fixes?