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Thread: Persona's not working

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    Question Persona's not working

    I've set up a personas so that I can send email from any of my accounts regardless of which inbox is in view. Problem is, it doesn't seem to be working. The primary address is still showing up in the from field on emails I send out.

    Any help will be appreciated
    Thank you,
    Parley Kennelly, REALTOR
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    what kind of account are you using? yahoo, gmail, or something else?

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    Default Gmail

    I'm using gmail and need it to masquerade as my work email


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    I seem to be having an issue with the use of Persona's as well.
    I using a Split domain. and have a setup like this: + is the primary account, is setup as an alias for the user.
    Then under the user I setup a persona that should take any email sent to and forward or reply back using the info from

    Unfortunately everytime I test this, the mail shows it has been forwarded by the primary account.

    Is my concept wrong. Hopefully someone can point out where I am going astray <g>


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