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Thread: Difficulty Resizing Header Columns

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    Default Difficulty Resizing Header Columns

    I'm using zdesktop_0_91_build_1338_win32.exe and I am having a lot of difficulty resizing the header columns (From|Subject|Folder|Size|Received|Etc)

    If I resize the column by a few pixels, and then attempt a more generous resize, it works about half the time.

    If I attempt to just resize a column by 100/200 pixels it just fails every time.

    The resize handle is very difficult to position, the cursor has to be exactly on the center line and this makes the process more frustrating.

    I'm also bummed that the modifications that I've made to column sizing are not retained between sessions. If I close Zimbra Desktop all the changes I've made are lost and I have to manually resize the columns again.

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