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Thread: [SOLVED] Yahoo Inbox Not Synching

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    Default [SOLVED] Yahoo Inbox Not Synching

    UPDATE: I just ran with debug turned on and synch is turned off for my inbox. Nevermind. I turned synch on (using right click on the folder) and now it works. Duh.

    First, I have searched the forums but don't find anything like my issue.

    Second, zimbra was working fine for me for about two weeks. I got some errors in an error folder and a bunch of folders stopped synching. I was able to turn those back on.

    Finally, my issue: My folders (including spam and trash) are synching but my inbox is not. If I go online and move an email from my inbox to a folder, it will show up in zimbra. I just don't get any email in the inbox.

    In the display pane for a folder, I get a link that I can click to turn on synch if it is not already turned on. The inbox does not have that. It just says "Got your eye on one of those messages up there? To view..." etc.

    any ideas?

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    could you see if there's anything in your "Error Reports" folder that indicates the sync on Inbox has been turned off?

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