Hello Forum,

Just installed Desktop 0.91 build 1344. Using Windows XP, Yahoo email (non-premium)

Calendar items (from my wife's work Notes email) in my Yahoo mail were picked up and converted to calendar items. The attached .ics file was not recognized (? next to the file type). I was able to accept each item in the Inbox. Multiple acceptances were placed in the Outbox.

I then tried to import a calendar item from outside email by opening an .ics file. This failed. I created a new calendar item and added my wife (using her work internet mail address) as an invitee.

All the above were stuck in the Outbox through multiple syncs.

I was able to send the items by opening the item from the Outbox then resending. But they were received as ordinary emails and not processed by Notes email. The same for the new calendar item I created. It was an plain email, no calendar item.

Thank you for your help.