Two issues, one big (at the moment), one smaller:

1) Since the last upgrade, whilst functionality has again gone up, the speed has dramatically gone down, at least on an Ubuntu Linux box with 1GB RAM. ZD grinds to a halt, comes up with 'slow script' errors, 'server slow to respond' popups and all sorts since the upgrade. Just viewing a normal email takes tons of disk activity and at least 1-2 mins to load a message.

At first I thought this was a memory leak issue, it may still be as memory usage is waay high (prism is the top memory muncher in top always). I originally suspected this as if you leave the ZD connected to your ZCS NE server overnight it seems to manifest to becoming really slow after then, but now it appears that this is no longer the case and it can happen at any time.

Anyway, if you could please sort out something with this as it is obviously unusable in it's current state under linux.

2) URL Links don't work in the Linux version of ZD. They are not hyperlinked (eg move your mouse over a link and it won't underline or allow you to click it), you have to select the text and copy it into your browser window to use the link. This is a bit annoying since ZCS allows you to click the link and FF will open up a new tab straight away.