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Thread: [SOLVED] Saving window size state / small app window

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    Question [SOLVED] Saving window size state / small app window

    Zimbra Desktop Client seems to have a problem with window size. I didn't see anything in Bugzilla.

    From my requester---------

    My test was performed on Mac OS X 10.5.5

    1. Opened app
    2. Zoomed to full screen
    3. resized window to about have screen
    4. re-zoomed to full and back a few times
    5. quit the app with it zoomed to full screen
    6. re-launched app and it opens in full screen
    7. zooming window results in tiny window in upper left
    8. resize to half screen and do the zoom back and forth a couple times
    9. quit while zoomed to half screen size window
    10. launch app, and I get half screen window...
    11. hitting zoom button now gives me full screen

    Seems like it forgets what the non-full screen zoom level is if you close the app when you're zoomed to full screen.

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